RG-EST350 can be managed through the application, including viewing the network topology and modifying settings, which has completely revolutionized the conventional method of contact-type bridge configuration. Bridge maintenance no longer requires working at heights, reducing the difficulty of maintaining bridges to an unprecedented level. With the four-sided curved edge design, the RG-EST350 is equipped with the high-gain antenna. It fully utilizes the compact size and offers exquisite exterior design. Hose clamps are provided to facilitate the installation of the equipment. The device housing is optimized to offer better waterproof and dustproof performance, providing IP65 protection. Weather-resistant materials allow the housing to remain robust for a long time in adverse conditions such as exposure to sun, wind, acid and alkaline corrosion. In addition, the wide temperature range of the industrial materials adopted for the device fully guarantees the reliability and durability of the device in various harsh environments, such as hot and humid weather, dry and cold weather, sun exposure, rain, strong winds, etc.

  • RG-EST350 can easily transmit data from 5KM away in real time
  • Automatic pairing at long distance, without complex alignment
  • IP54 Weatherproof, -30℃~65℃ guarantee stable operating at outdoor environment
  • Support maximum 45 * 2MP cameras loading at 3KM, 20 * 2MP cameras loading at 5KM
  • Visually Intuitive statistics monitoring on Ruijie cloud, easy maintenance at remotely

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