When mains power fails the load is powered by the inverter and built-in battery. PowerShield³ UPS monitoring and control software can be used for an orderly unattended shutdown of IT systems.

  • Compact and ergonomic
  • 5 sockets protected against black-outs
  • 3 sockets protected against overvoltage for the supply of loads with larger absorption loads e.g laser printers
  • Ability to switch on the UPS without a mains power supply (Cold Start)
  • User replaceable batteries (Battery Swap)
  • USB interface
  • Floor-standing or desktop installation
  • Power-supply cable included
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Auto restart (when mains power is restored, after discharge of the batteries)
  • GS/Nemko safety seal
  • Available with French (2P+T), British, Schuko and Italian outlets
  • PowerShield3 supervision and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 8, 7, Hyper-V, 2012, 2008, and previousversions, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Plug and play function