It is also compatible and safe to use with any IEEE802.3at/af, PoE++ compliant terminals. It works as a switch, data is interoperable between PoE port and SFP port. MAXPIDIN60F is designed for indoor use. It works with input voltage of 44-57Vdc and operates under -40℃ to 65℃. It has detection chip inside,which will detect and classify PD before powering it. It will not apply power until a standard-compliant PD is detected. The effective distance is 100 meters over Cat5e/Cat6 cables. This model equiped standard DIN rail mounting bracket, which can easily jam into the guide rail. MAXPIDIN60F is an active DIN rail mounting PoE injector with DC power input from 12 to 57 V and built in power converter. Injector has one POE LAN port output and one SFP port output. The output of this power supply is 1Gbit port with support of the 802.3af/at (55 V) which is dedicated for Wi-Fi, VoIP, or wireless links. The PoE’s distribution is on the pins 1, 2, 7, 8 (-), 3, 4, 5, 6 (+). The SFP port is used for data input. Total power is 60W. The main advantage of this power supply is 6kV (10/700us) overvoltage protection. This PoE injector is best for using in the places where you already have a main power supply such as the solar panels or a high voltage power supply.