Compared with switches of common sizes, this series are smaller in size with a decrease in both depth and width. The compact design allows XS-S1930J to be mounted on boxes, shelves as well as 19-inch racks. Cooling without fans is another major highlight of the series, which is adopted by all models (Except 24 Port PoE switch XS-S1930J-24GT4SFP/2GT-P). Particularly, XS-S1930J-18GT2SFP-P and XS-S1930J-48GT4SFP, boasting both compactness and the fanless design, are industry-leading models in hardware. XS-S1930J switch series are designed according to the enterprise product design standard of Ruijie Networks. This series passes EMC and reliability tests required for enterprise-class products, including RE, CE and Surge tests. The operating temperature range of this series is -5°C to 55°C. XS-S1930J switch series supports real-time detection of the operation status and parameters of terminals, and resets abnormal terminals based on configured policies. With the application of Ruijie Cloud, management covering the whole network is realized and complexity is dramatically reduced for operation and maintenance.