RG-NBS3200 series provides gigabit and 10-gigabit uplink ports. Every switch of this series offers 4 fixed 10G fiber ports with high-performance uplink capability. RG-NBS3200 series switches provide comprehensive end-to-end QoS as well as flexible and rich security settings for small and medium-sized networks at an extremely high price-performance ratio to meet the needs of high-speed, secure and smart enterprise networks.

  • 48 10/100/1000Base-T ports (support PoE and PoE+), 4 SFP+ 10GBase-X ports
  • 336Gbps Switching capacity
  • 132Mpps Packet forwarding rate
  • MAC address Support static MAC address, MAC address filtering
  • MAC address table size 16K
  • Number of VLANs 4094
  • Link aggregation Support
  • Port mirroring Many-to-one mirroring
  • Spanning tree STP, RSTP
  • LLDP Support
  • IP standard ACL, MAC extended ACL, IP extended ACL, Port ACL for Layer 2 ports (physical port / AP)
  • QoS Port-based speed limit (ingress/egress)
  • Security Port protection, Hardware CPP
  • Management Web management, Ruijie Cloud or Ruijie Cloud app management
  • DHCP snooping
  • EEE Support
  • PoE Maximum PoE / PoE+ output power per switch: 370W, Maximum output power per port: 30W

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